5 tips for effective and trendy arrangement of office furniture


Modern office is not a matter of fashion or unnecessary idea of designer companies. Its purpose is to improve work efficiency and bring to office stereotype a reason to come to work with pleasure. How to achieve a modern office? If you are wondering how to furnish a new office or if you feel that your old one would need a change, get inspired by the following article. Here are 5 tips how to create...

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Reception that fulfils its purpose. How to achieve it?


No doubt reception belongs to office premises in all larger companies and corporations. However, designing and arranging a reception that will evoke an excellent first impression and fully serve its purpose is not so easy. Do you want to know what you should focus on if you want to use the full potential of a reception?     Tips for arranging a reception that will impress    ...

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5 rules for the choice of furnishing for a meeting room


Meeting room is a room whose furnishing is often underestimated. In the better case, the choice of furniture and accessories for a meeting room is all about a dominating custom-made desk and quality chair. But if you want your meeting room to fully use its potential, we recommend you to follow these five rules. You will get a room for valuable meetings, creative brainstorming and also an awesome...

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How to tackle noise in an OPEN OFFICE


A modern office. That is a place where people feel good and work efficiently. One of the examples is the increasingly popular open office. Why it is so, you can read in an article on our blog. An important parameter which must be considered in this type of office arrangement is noise. Read our tips and advice that will solve problems with acoustics in an open space office.     Privacy...

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3 reasons why office kitchen is a must


Ordering working and office premises in a modern and functional way is a goal every progressive employer wants to reach. In addition to great design, easy steps can help them to make their employees more satisfied and achieve better work results. Specific tips for trends in ordering office premises are provided in this article. Now we have decided to focus on office kitchen. It's true that the...

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5 rules of space ergonomics your office needs


Do you work in an office? Then you surely know the feeling when you open the door on Monday morning and the known space just pulls you in. Surrounded by four walls and filled out with working tasks. To some people, this feeling may be depressing and even demotivating. That is not the case if your office has been designed and furnished in a way that meets the basic rules of space ergonomics. Do you...

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Open shared office These are the benefits of an OPEN SPACE OFFICE


Open space office is a solution that changes the view of regular office premises. If you are wondering how to brighten up office premises or if you are furnishing new premises, this article is designated just for you. Are employees in your company divided into small offices across the whole corridor? Or even on several floors? Take a look at what modern office arrangement can change. All you need...

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How to furnish an outpatient room correctly; part II Advice and tips for furnishing


In the first part of the article How to furnish an outpatient room correctly: part II, we focused on all necessary parameters you should consider before you start choosing furniture for an outpatient room and arranging it. In the second part, we are going to provide you with specific advice how to arrange an outpatient room with an emphasis on its functionality and healthy working environment....

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How to furnish an outpatient room correctly; part I First steps


On our blog, you will find a number of practical tips and advices how to furnish office premises correctly. We have also decided to provide several proven pieces of advice for a special type of workplace - an outpatient room or doctor's office. In the first part of the article, you can read about the first steps you should not skip when furnishing an outpatient room.       What do...

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Combined kitchen and living room? Read how to achieve it


Combined kitchen and living room belong to the trend which has been in for a longer time already. Still hesitating how to arrange interior in this part of your new home? Whether you're after modern trends or traditional style, we have a few pieces of advice that will direct you towards the right way to arrange the kitchen with the living room.     Basic rules for arranging combined...

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